Effective 2021, our planetarium is closed until further notice. We hope to open soon. Please check this web site for updates on the planetarium’s reopening.

Solar Eclipse Visible in Tidewater


On the morning of June 10th, 2021 the sunrise did display a partially eclipsed Sun. The image of the Sun will have a dark “bite” taken out by the edge of the Moon. This is the beginning of an annular eclipse. Unfortunately Tidewater residents only witnessed a few minutes of this eclipse. The complete annular event will only be visible in extreme northern latitudes above Alaska.  (Remember to protect your eyes from sunlight… do not stare at the Sun! Use solar filters.)

  Photo taken at sunrise the morning of June 10th approximately 5:51 a.m. EDT showing Moon partially eclipsing the Sun. Photo by Kent Blackwell member of the Back Bay Amateur astronomers. (BBAA)  Several BBAA members arrived at the boardwalk in Virginia Beach to view the astronomical event.


Below are images of a partially eclipsed Sun and an annular eclipse.


Sun with dark center
Sun with Moon covering its light

Mars Lander successfully  landed on Mars!


Rober resting on a red planet
Perseverance Rover

Your backyard Sky

New Comet was in the evening sky but has moved away from our view now.   Check out the Event Page for more info.

(Comet is the small object in the middle lower section of this picture)


Check the Sky Calendar Page on this website for more info.

  • Meteor Shower over two large planets in Night Sky


audience in planetarium show - one member is wearing an astronaut suit
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