Outstanding Virginia Crossing Guard

Congratulations to Mr. Royce McCoy! Mr. McCoy, locally known as “Santa Cross,” was recently recognized as one of the Most Outstanding Crossing Guards of 2019 by the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Safe Routes to School program.

Mr. McCoy is an expert at managing traffic flow, backups, and ensuring safety for kids who need to cross. But he might be more well known for his smile. Not a day goes by where Royce McCoy’s big smile doesn’t brighten the day of someone walking or driving through the intersection near Great Bridge High School and Great Bridge Intermediate, a two-school campus that serves over 2,200 students combined. Mr. McCoy, a retired firefighter, continues to serve his community as the school’s traffic guru and he demonstrates pure happiness every morning and every afternoon during the week.

McCoy received over four pages of comments lauding his kindness, positive attitude, and expertise in managing safety and traffic with a smile. From all these comments, one thing is clear – Mr. McCoy is a treasured and indispensable part of the Chesapeake community.