Outstanding Bus Driver of the Month

Ms Hawkins Outstanding Bus Driver for June

We are very proud to present Ms. Bonnie Hawkins, driver of bus 162, as June’s Outstanding Bus Driver of the Month!  There are many excellent drivers that work for Chesapeake Public Schools, but Ms. Hawkins is a driver that rises to the top.  Ms. Hawkins has been with Chesapeake Public Schools since September of 1999.  She has consistently performed her duties in a safe and professional manner, and receives positive comments from the schools, students, and parents she serves.  Ms. Hawkins is always willing to assist with a double-back, double-up, or split run to ensure students arrive to and from school as safely and quickly as possible, always with a positive attitude.  As a result, she is an asset to the department and our dispatch office.  Ms. Hawkins’ firm but friendly attitude makes her a positive asset to the schools and the children she transports.  Thank you, Ms. Hawkins, for being an outstanding bus driver!  The following drivers were also nominated for the month of June: Jodie Skutt and Ruby Warner.  We applaud Ms. Hawkins for being recognized as June’s Outstanding Bus Driver of the Month for Chesapeake Public Schools, and we thank her for a job well done.