OSM is a Title I School 

Title I began in 1965 as Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act which was reauthorized in 2001 in the No Child Left Behind Act. It is the U. S. Government’s oldest and largest federal aid to education program for elementary and secondary schools in existence today. Title I funds are allocated to schools that have a high percentage of students eligible for free or reduced lunch. Title I money must be used to supplement – not replace – what is provided by the local school district for all other schools.

How are Title I schools selected?

Title I guidelines define two types of eligible schools. The division must rank all of its schools in order of poverty. The percentage of students receiving free and reduced lunch is used as the poverty indicator criteria. The division must serve all attendance areas with a poverty rate of 75%, including all elementary, middle, and high schools. After the division has served all of its schools with a poverty rate above 75%, it may serve the remaining schools in rank order.