Department – Tech Ed.

Teacher– Email Ms. Laury

The mission of technology education is to assist students in developing an understanding of all aspects of industry and technology and to aid them in the discovery and development of their individual potential.

Courses offered at Oscar Smith Middle include:

Introduction to Technology – Grade 6 This is a 9-week course.  Students first study the basic elements of technology (i.e. processes, energy, information and people).  They explore up to four systems of technology (e.g., construction, transportation, communication, and production). Students then relate the impact of technology on society, environment and culture to future consequences and decisions.

Inventions and Innovations – Grade 7 Inventions and Innovations is a middle school technology education semester course in which students make projects or models of significant inventions that have advanced society and human potential.  After studying these developments in technology, the students explore contemporary and future problems facing them, their community, and/or the world.  Students follow formal procedures to create or invent new solutions or innovations that will enhance human potential and result in a desirable impact on society.

Technological Systems – Grade 8 Technological Systems is a semester course designed specifically for the middle school level.  Students experience hands-on activities that help them use a systems approach to solve problems and understand technology.  Students combine resources and rotate through a number of activities and simulation modules.  They operate several systems, construct models, and use computers to solve problems and control systems. They also explore occupational areas and educational programs for technology oriented careers.