Physical Education Department 

J. Wood
Q. Poleon
T. Eason
C. Moore
G. Kirk
J. Mimms


Departmental Philosophy

The philosophy of the physical education program at Oscar Smith Middle School is centered on the concept lifetime wellness.  With this concept in mind, our department conducts daily lessons designed to meet the educational and health needs of all middle school students while maintaining maximum compliance with the Standards of Learning.  It is our goal to introduce our students to a wide variety of sports and health related activities that will continue to enrich their lives both now and as adults.

Supplies Needed For Class

  • Uniform:  It is highly recommended that students purchase and wear an Oscar Smith Middle physical education uniform.
  • Combination Lock:  Students must have a lock for their P.E. locker in order to secure their valuables.*  This lock and P.E. uniform must be removed at the end of each P.E. class and returned to class each day.
  • Health Materials:  All students are required to purchase and maintain a health notebook.  This notebook, along with a pen or pencil, must be brought to health class daily.

*The Oscar Smith Middle School P.E. department is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Class Rules

  1. Every student is expected to participate in class activities each day.
  2. A doctor’s note is required if the student is to be excused from participation for three (3) or more days.  A parent/guardian note will excuse a student from participation for one (1) or two (2) days due to illness or injury.  A doctor’s note should be on file for any condition that may affect participation in P.E.
  3. Food, gum, drinks, candy, and book bags are not permitted in class.
  4. All students are expected to follow instructions from all teachers, even if the teacher is not his/her assigned teacher.  Horse-playing will not be tolerated.
  5. All students will have an assigned area to report to during class.  Students need to be in his/her seat and ready to begin class when the bell rings.  Tardiness will not be tolerated.  The Oscar Smith Middle School tardy policy will be followed.
  6. Good sportsmanship is required in all class activities.  Taunting, arguing, or abusive language will not be tolerated at any time.