Warehouse & Logistical Services


The Warehouse and Logistical Services operation consists of two entities operating together and intertwined to provide the storage of goods common to the school system and their distribution to the schools/departments. The relation to these two entities requires that they are combined to form a cohesive operation dedicated to serving the school system.

The Warehouse consists of a single building divided into three sections. The design of the building lends itself to the operation of the warehouse into separate but united parts for the storage of goods. One section of the Warehouse is designated as a maintenance stockroom where many goods required by the Department of School Plants are stored. The other sections are used to store goods purchased in bulk where cost savings and timely distribution are deemed beneficial to the school system. Examples of this include custodial supplies, light bulbs, and furniture as well as many other consumables. The Warehouse also acts as a clearinghouse for goods ordered for the school system and disposes of all surplus goods.

The Logistical Services aspect of the operation consists of service vehicles and handling equipment necessary to distribute goods from the Warehouse to the schools and departments. Supply renders a delivery service to the schools and department which includes the set up of furniture, installation of equipment when time and talent permit, and the pick-up, and delivery of custodial supplies.


Warehouse and Logistical Services maintains a current inventory of all buildings and assets. Each school or department is responsible for keeping Warehouse and Logistical Services informed of all changes, including transfers, additions, deletions, missing, lost or stolen property.

Recently a scanning tool was introduced that allows each school or department to complete their inventory quicker and more efficiently.

General Deliveries and Pony Mail

Warehouse and Logistical Services coordinates general deliveries and pony mail. General deliveries consist of packages and small equipment. If you have a package, envelope or materials you would like moved from your building to another location, please contact Warehouse and Logistical Services.

Pony mail is scheduled for two (2) days a week.  Currently, pony mail is delivered on Tuesday and Thursday.