School Plants

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The Department of School Plants is responsible for maintaining 47 schools and 8 support buildings for a total of over six million square feet of building space.  Our goal is to maintain the highest standards possible in schools to assure our students and staff have the best environment to learn and work in.

The Department of School Plants seeks to employ and retain highly qualified tradesmen. Departments include Plumbing, HVAC, Grounds, Carpentry, Electrical, Paint, Direct Digital Control, Fire Alarm, and Pest Control. Within our Trades, we employ master mechanics and journeyman. Through our work order system, we are able to track and manage our maintenance requests in order to assure we are accommodating the needs of our schools by providing quality work in a timely manner.

In addition to hiring technicians/mechanics with journeyman and master certification in their fields, there are also tradesmen with specialized certifications in Pesticide and Herbicide Management and Certified Locksmiths. Our Environmental Specialist oversees federal and state regulations as they relate to environmental matters.

The Energy Program supports energy conservation efforts through education and researches energy conservation products and programs. We also place a strong emphasis on energy management and strive to be good energy stewards.

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Dr. John A. Bailey
Director Of School Plants


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