On-Time Graduation Rates Continue to Rise

The Virginia On-Time Graduation rates for the Class of 2019 have been released and Chesapeake Public Schools (CPS) continues to lead, with 93.83% of students graduating on time!  According to the reports released this morning, all seven of Chesapeake’s high schools reported rates of 91% or better.

CPS is proud to report the most notable jumps occurred at Western Branch High School (increased by 2.92 points) and Indian River High School (increased by 4.0 points) where principals Dr. Thomas Whitley, Western Branch High, and  Mrs. Naomi Dunbar, Indian River High,  routinely meet with students to discuss their progress, needs, and future plans.  Dr. Whitley has made it his goal to gain insight into the students’ academic and personal challenges through routine group meetings.  Mrs. Dunbar sets a standard for each student to envision themselves as graduates and often meets with them individually.  For more information about Mrs. Dunbar’s efforts, watch this video clip highlighting her inspiring work.

Improved processes have also been implemented across the district as staff work to follow each and every student through their high school careers, even those that have moved out of the area.  Much of this work is done by Assistant Principals of Instruction (API) and guidance directors at each high school, with the support of the Department of Assessment and Accountability.  Teams use state-created reports and lists to closely monitor student state testing identifiers, as well as transfer and withdrawal codes to ensure every student is accounted for.

Dr. Jared Cotton, superintendent, believes this achievement is a reflection of hard work and perseverance on the part of students, teachers, and staff working towards a common goal, “Great things happen for young people when we all pull together with one goal in mind, to make sure all students are prepared for a successful future.”