Microfilm Department

School Transcript Requests

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974-FERPA prohibits the dissemination of information from student records without the written consent of the student if he/she is 18 or older or the written consent of his/her parent or legal guardian if he/she is younger than 18. A transcript is the ONLY verification of education/graduation that we can provide because diplomas are not kept as part of the permanent record. Current and former Chesapeake Public Schools students may obtain copies of their education and/or health records using the following procedures for requesting records. Federal and state law requires the school division maintains a student’s permanent academic record for 75 years. This includes the student’s name, address, phone number, grades, attendance record and year of graduation or withdrawal. Special education records are maintained only for five years after a student withdraws or graduates.


Current Students

Parents of students who are under 18 years of age (or eligible students) may obtain copies of education and/or health records directly from the school where their child is currently enrolled. There is a minimal fee to obtain student records. Current high school students who need a copy of their high school transcript for college applications shall use the division’s online service with Parchment, an academic records company. Students should use their Parchment.com account to request an electronic transcript to be sent to the participating institutions as request by the student. Please allow up to fourteen day for this request.

Former Students

If you have graduated from or left the Chesapeake Public School system during or after 2017, you will request your transcript from Parchment as you have done during the school year. As an Alumnus, you will have a $3.50 charge for an electronic copy to be sent to an email or college. There will be a $6.00 charge to receive a paper copy.

If you have graduated from or left the Chesapeake Public School system between 2016 and 2015, you may contact the school you last attended to obtain your transcript, SAT scores, or immunizations for a fee.

If you graduated or left Chesapeake Public Schools more than 5 years ago, please choose one of the following options: Online Requests: Former students may submit records requests using the division’s online student records request system. Requestors will be asked to enter the name of the last school they attended, the date of graduation or withdrawal, date of birth and additional information to authenticate their identity. Payment by credit card must be made online with the request. Upon submission, requests will be processed within 14 working days and mailed to the address provided by the requester. Mailed Requests: Former students may request student records by submitting the school division’s Request for Chesapeake Public Schools Transcript. Requests will be processed within 14 working days upon receipt of a complete and signed form with payment. Payment is only by check or money order made payable to Chesapeake Public Schools. Records will be mailed to the address provided by the requester on the provided release.


Verification Companies

Verification companies needing graduation verification for former students may request this service from the online student records request system for a $15 fee per request


Walk In Requests

If desired, students that graduated or left Chesapeake Public Schools more than 5 years ago may pick up transcripts and records from the Microfilm office during normal business hours. Please call for further information.