Military Families

Virginia Distinguished Purple Star School For Supporting Military Connected Students
Jolliff Middle School is a proud recipient of the VDOE Purple Star designation, 2022-2023 award year

The Virginia Council of the Interstate Compact on the Educational Opportunity of Military Children has selected Jolliff Middle School as a 2019 Purple Star designee.

The Council applauds and appreciates our school’s outstanding commitment to serving the needs of military students and families. We have been commended for having a dedicated program that serves as an inspiring model for other schools across Virginia.

Congratulations to Mrs. Smith for heading up the complex application process! Special thanks to the staff who assisted her:
Dr. Johnson, Mrs. Raines, Ms. Powell, Mrs. Ruff, Mrs. Palmer, Mrs. Kinchen, and Dr. Cobb.

We would like to acknowledge all the members of the military who work on staff or those of you who have parents or family who are serving or have served. We are grateful for their service and yours!

Chesapeake Public Schools Military Family Website

Dear JMS Military Families;

Welcome to Jolliff Middle School! We are proud to serve our military community. The designated school personnel listed below are intended to assist with specific military needs. We recognize that military families face unique challenges such as moving frequently and deployments. It is Jolliff Middle School’s mission to understand and meet the needs of every student and family.

Military School Personnel Contact Information

  • School-Based Military Student Point of Contact: Geshla Windley (757)465-5246
  • For additional support, Dr. Jeffrey McGee, School Liaison Officer, serves the Chesapeake area and plays a vital role in assisting families as they navigate the complexities of transition and deployment.

Planning for Arrival to Jolliff

  • For enrollment questions please contact the Student Enrollment Office at (757) 547-0545 or Jolliff Middle School at (757)465-5246
  • The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity provides transitional accommodations and resources.

Preparing Your Move from Jolliff

Important Information

Additional Resources