Jolliff Reads

girl reading bookWe are excited to announce that our school will be participating in a whole school reading experience in February that we will call Jolliff Reads! Students, staff, and the wider school community will experience the book Restart by Gordon Korman together throughout the month of February. This book will allow us to share discussions about middle school, redemption, second chances, bullying, and other pertinent subjects across grade levels and classrooms.

Chapters of the book will be recorded by members of the school community to be played during Core Plus.

There will be daily questions about what was read the day before – correct answers will be entered into a drawing for small prizes.

On Mondays, students will be able to participate in discussion groups about the book led by school staff
All teachers are asked to link at least one lesson each week to the book
At the end of the month, we will participate in a culminating activity that will include some form of community service.