Virtual Virginia

Virtual Virginia is a program, operated by the Virginia Department of Education, that serves students in grades K-12 from across the commonwealth.  Teachers in the program are employed by Virtual Virginia and students learn alongside peers from other Virginia school divisions using Virtual Virginia’s Canvas learning management system.

Chesapeake Public Schools (CPS) students taking courses through Virtual Virginia remain connected to their zoned CPS school while receiving instruction from Virtual Virginia teachers.  Students may participate in all school-sponsored sports, clubs, and activities, including graduation ceremonies.  While students enrolled in the Virtual Virginia program can complete their coursework from any location where internet access is available, they may be required to report to their zoned school to complete assessments mandated by Chesapeake Public Schools, the Virginia Department of Education, and/or the College Board.  Because Virtual Virginia serves students across the state of Virginia, their school calendar varies slightly from the Chesapeake Public Schools calendar.

Students considering enrolling in Virtual Virginia courses must be independent learners, self-motivated, able to ask for help when needed, reading and writing at grade level, and able to communicate effectively through writing.  Virtual Virginia provides a daily to-do list for how to be successful in an online course.

The following information will serve as a resource for the 2021-2022 school year.
Daily Check In
As an active Virtual Virginia student you are required to complete a daily check in and we recommend before you log in for your first class that you submit the Virtual VA Daily Check In questionnaire.

Virtual VA Daily Check In


 Virtual VA website link

Once you login make sure you are on the Dashboard tab (on left), scroll down the screen, and then click on the links to your classes.

Orientation Presentation
If you were unable to attend the orientation please feel free to view   Aug 19 Orientation Meeting
Virtual VA Contacts
Stephen Chamberlin, Supervisor of eLearning
  • Tiosha Macklin, Virtual Instruction Program School Counseling Director
  • Grace Hicks, K-8 School Counselor & main point of contact
  • Aleke Sharpe, IRMS Virtual VA Mentor Address VVA student concerns (academic, social/emotional, technology)

or 757-578-7030

Virtual VA Academic Calendar (separate from CPS calendar) Virtual VA Calendar