Team University





Members of team University will foster an authentic and unique sense of community where genuine concern for one another, empathy, mutual support, diversity, constructive feedback, and fun are emphasized and reinforced as a group; therefore, each individual who is a member of the team will grow and reach their maximum potential.

Teachers on the Team

Chelsea Wright – English/AVID

Stacy Freeman – Math

La’Nita Eaton – History

Chris Harrell – Science

Team University News

Is excited for the holiday’s right around the corner! While we have some time off, please check with your child(ren) to see if they need to replenish any school supplies like pencils, highlighters, notebooks, etc. In English we are beginning to actively prepare for the Writing SOL coming up in March. In science we will continue studying aspects of chemistry. In math the students are working on equations. In History the students are reviewing key concepts from the beginning of the year.

In history, we are exploring the Westward Expansion content. Most of this information is review from seventh grade, but students will further understand how we expanded West post-Civil War and Reconstruction time periods.  We will also discuss the impact of this, and we will analyze how it affected Native Americans.  Students will have a city-wide LDA (writing project) to complete as a result of this unit of study.

In Science, the students are learning about conversions, states of matter, density, and physical and chemical changes. In the upcoming weeks, students will be conducting a lab on why a diet can of soda will float in a bucket while a regular can will sink. We are off to a great start!

Students are beginning to learn the prerequisite skills for Algebra I. We are practicing solving multi-step equations by combining like terms, distributive property, and variables on both sides. We will continue to build on these skills throughout the year. Afterwards, inequalities and translating verbal and algebraic equations will be reviewed. Students will also be expected to complete writing prompts and a performance based assessment this quarter. Please encourage your teen to study and be prepared for class daily. Remediation and 21st century assistance is available if more help is needed.

Algebra 1:
We have completed the first three units, and we will begin learning about functions, relations, and linear equations. The students will be responsible for studying, and remembering the formulas and commands to use the TI-84 scientific calculator, in addition to practicing DESMOS, our on-line calculator. We will begin a performance based assessment which combines two units on functions, relations, and slope. Students are responsible for daily reviewing to help prepare for the midterm examination in January.

Eighth grade students have read three short stories this year, and they are just beginning the writing unit to start preparing for the Writing SOL that will be administered in March. The students are focusing pronouns, verb tense, and the five stages of the writing process: brainstorming, organizing, drafting, revising, and editing. Students are responsible for completing 6 grammar questions a night to support this test. Please check that they are consistently reviewing this materials! We are off to a great start, and we hope to keep it that way all year!

Team University’s Philosophy and Mission

Each member of Team University will be fully valued and will help establish acceptable behavioral norms that insure that all members are safe and included in the community. It will be the responsibility of each team member to uphold their end of the commitment and to help hold others accountable as well. Here are the principles that establish the framework of the Full Value Commitment:

  • Safety (physical and emotional
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Let Go and Move On

Grading Policy

Each teacher on Team University utilizes a wide variety of assignments and activities to assess student’s understanding, knowledge and skills; Tests, class activities, projects, writing assignments, homework, and class work are all developed to differentiate the ways in which students are assessed. Grades are calculated for all students on Team U using the following guidelines: PRACTICE 30%, QUIZZES 30%, and TESTS 40%.

PBIS System

IRMS is excited to implement PBIS (Positive Behavior Integration System) this year! The 8th grade uses a merit/demerit system to deal with inappropriate behavior that we believe obstructs the educational process. This system will restart at the beginning of each quarter. For positive behaviors, Rise Rewards (merits) will be issued. Students may use 4 Rise Rewards to purchase back a demerit. Failure to meet the expectations listed above will result in the student receiving a demerit with the following consequences:

Demerit System

The 8th grade uses a demerit system to deal with inappropriate behavior that we believe obstructs the educational process. Failure to meet the expectations listed above will result in the student receiving a demerit with the following consequences:

Demerit System Procedures
1st Demerit Conduct notice issued; to be signed and returned to the teacher
2nd Demerit Conduct notice issued; to be signed and returned to the teacher
3rd Demerit Parent contact
4th Demerit After-school detention with prior notice given
5th + Demerit Referral to Ms. Chatman

Rewards for Positive Behavior

  • Monthly University award recognition and rewards
  • Class and team celebrations
  • Opportunities for school-wide recognition contests
  • End of marking period rewards
  • Positive phone calls home
  • Increased trust from teachers and parents
  • Opportunities for out-of-school activities
  • Sense of pride, confidence, and well being

Communication with Team University Teachers

All teachers on Team University view communication as an essential element in the success of our students. There are many ways in which you can communicate with the teachers if you have a question, comment, concern, or compliment! The student agenda is a simple form of contact that can be used. Additionally, you can call the school (578-7030) and schedule a team conference on available Tuesdays, Thursday, and Fridays.