Summer Reading Success

Cartoon image of child running toward booksThe average child reads for only 6 HOURS over summer vacation. That’s only 4 minutes and 30 seconds a day, the time it takes to watch “Gangnam Style” or microwave a frozen chicken finger! These 4 tips will help students avoid the summer reading slide:

  1. Provide Access to Summer Books: By spending approximately $40 to $50 per year on summer books for each child, schools can begin to alleviate the summer reading achievement gap.
  2. Prioritize Student Choice: Motivate students to spend more time reading by letting them self-select summer reading books based on their personal interests—topics THEY find fascinating.
  3. Foster Engagement at Home: Parents and guardians can encourage kids to read more by discussing the titles they’re reading together. Plan fun title-related activities too!
  4. Offer High-Interest Titles: Some of the most popular summer reads for kids include pop culture titles, animal and habitat books, humor, and popular series.

Click here to see the 2019 Chesapeake Public Schools Summer Reading List

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