Have fun – join a club!  Check out this list of opportunities to get involved. If you find a club you like, click here to fill out the IRM Club Interest Form

Military History Book Club

  • Six different books about battles from different wars.
  • Meeting virtually on Mondays.
  • Participate in discussion boards and trivia challenges

Indian River Outdoor Club (IROC):

Do you enjoy:
✔ Being outside
✔ Walking in nature
✔ Taking nature pictures
✔  Building community
✔  Making a positive difference for our environment
If you answered YES to one of these, join the fun with IROC!

Yearbook Club:

  • Gather Pictures
  • Create/ Write/ Edit Content
  • Online Design

Walking Club:

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I join the walking club?” and, “What do I need?”

Well, there are tons of amazing benefits to walking! You can do it practically anywhere, you can make it as easy or as hard as you want, it’s mind-clearing, and it’s cheap! So, get going and join!

What do you need to participate?  There are many free apps to track your steps!  You will log your steps daily to see who comes out on top!

Virtual Art Club

We will have our own Schoology page where our virtual art gallery will be the place to submit anything you’ve created.  Friends and family members of the art club will be able to view and enjoys yours and each other’s work.

Knitting & Crocheting Club

Learn how to knit and crochet things like drink cozies, device cases, headbands and more.