Team Academy





Team Academy consists of your child’s core teachers—Math, Science, History and English. Teaming gives students and teachers the opportunity to belong to a smaller community where members can be more supportive of each other and share common goals. We can be contacted at 578-7030 or via email.

Teachers on the Team

Michele Hill- English

Robert Flint – Math

Kim Considine – History

Mark Koester- Science

Team Academy News

Team Academy continues to have a great year! With the half-way point of the year quickly approaching, we encourage the parents to help ensure that students are still writing down and completing their homework. This would also be a great time of year to stock up on some school supplies. As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us. Our Braves of the Week so far this year have been: Kayla Yates, Jazmine Cole, Diamond Felton, Jaiden Kanada, Kyah Davis, Isaiah Martin, and Carolyn Phillips. Our Rising Stars were: Devaughn Kennedy, Tiah Long, Britney Lockler, Marquez Solomon, Marcus Parker, and Salam Darzaid.

Students were amazed when they discovered the building of the Panama Canal is considered one of the world’s most incredible engineering feats of our time. They also discovered workers had to battle disease, mudslides, poisonous snakes, scorpions, and poor living conditions. Students are currently learning that technologies used during World War I are many of the technologies used in current wars. Our upcoming unit will cover the Roaring 20’s.

We are  starting the unit on matter and what things are made of.  Exploring protons, electrons, and neutrons.  Eventually we will be building 3d models of the atom and it’s components.

Students are beginning to learn the prerequisite skills for Algebra I. We are practicing solving multistep equations by combining like terms, distributive property, and variables on both sides. We will continue to build on these skills throughout the year. Afterwards, inequalities and translating verbal and algebraic equations will be reviewed.
Students will also be expected to complete writing prompts and a performance based assessment this quarter.
Please encourage your teen to study and be prepared for class daily. Remediation and 21st century assistance is available if more help is needed.

Algebra 1:
We have completed the first three units, and we will begin learning about functions, relations, and linear equations. The students will be responsible for studying, and remembering the formulas and commands to use the TI-84 scientific calculator, in addition to practicing DESMOS, our on-line calculator. We will begin a performance based assessment which combines two units on functions, relations, and slope. Students are responsible for daily reviewing to help prepare for the midterm examination in January.

Eighth grade students just completed the writing benchmark on December 4th and 5th. When students return from winter break, they will be working on weaknesses identified on the benchmark test in order to prepare them for the writing SOL in March. Attendance is important as we prepare for this test, so please make every effort to ensure your child is here at school.

Demerit System

The 8th grade uses a demerit system to deal with inappropriate behavior that we believe obstructs the educational process. Failure to meet the expectations listed above will result in the student receiving a demerit with the following consequences:

Demerit System Procedures

1st Demerit Phone call to parent/conduct notice issued
2nd Demerit Student/team conference and parent/teacher conference
3rd Demerit After-school detention
4th Demerit Referral – ISS (1 day)
5th Demerit Referral – ISS (2 days)
6th Demerit Referral – OSS (1 day)