Team Academy





Team Academy consists of your child’s core teachers—Math, Science, History and English. Teaming gives students and teachers the opportunity to belong to a smaller community where members can be more supportive of each other and share common goals. We can be contacted at 578-7030 or via email.

Teachers on the Team

K. Smith – English

R. Flint – Math

S. McDermott – History

M. Koester- Science

Team Academy News

Mrs. Smith’s English classes recently finished non-fiction text features, and will start argumentative writing next week. History, led by Ms. McDermott, will be finishing Westward Expansion with a test next week; and then learn about the Industrial Revolution. Mr. Koester’s Science classes have been practicing metric conversions and how to calculate density. The density formula can be manipulated to find all 3 attributes, which aligns perfectly with Algebra’s unit on literal equations. Mr. Flint’s Pre-Algebra classes will soon be finishing up their probability unit. Students have explored the differences between independent and dependent probability, and real-life applications of probability.

Demerit System

The 8th grade uses a demerit system to deal with inappropriate behavior that we believe obstructs the educational process. Failure to meet the expectations listed above will result in the student receiving a demerit with the following consequences:

Demerit System Procedures

1st Demerit Phone call to parent/conduct notice issued
2nd Demerit Student/team conference and parent/teacher conference
3rd Demerit After-school detention
4th Demerit Referral – ISS (1 day)
5th Demerit Referral – ISS (2 days)
6th Demerit Referral – OSS (1 day)