About Us

The building we know today opened its doors in 1963. It originally served as a junior high school to allow a smooth transition for the rezoned students of Great Bridge High School. These students went to the Indian River Junior High building until they reached the 10th grade, at which time this building became Indian River High School. The year 1969 marked our first graduating class. The facility was considered quite modern and up to date at the time.

The sudden growth experienced by the Tidewater area in the 1960s, coupled with the integration of Chesapeake schools, rendered the building inadequate for a high school. As a result, a new Indian River High School was completed in February of 1972. Our building reverted back to a junior high school at that time. This 1971-72 school year was particularly challenging as not only was a move made in the midst of the year, but the former Crestwood students arrived at Indian River, helping to create our diverse community.

Indian River Middle School Mission Believe Rigorous instruction Academic achievement Varied straties Empowering All Safe Environment IR home of the Braves

As a junior high, Indian River dominated in sports and the arts. Professional stars such as Alonzo Mourning and William Fuller received their start here at Indian River. Changing state standards and a desire for a more nurturing environment led to the creation of Indian River Middle School in 1991 under the leadership of Principal Bobby Glisson. We have made great strides in improving our overall climate and academic achievement since that time. Dr. Linda Scott initiated the AVID program (Advancement Via Individual Determination), and in 2005 Indian River Middle became an AVID National Demonstration School. Under the leadership of Terre Werts, our school is continuing its tradition of excellence.

Students attending Indian River Middle School are part of a balanced socioeconomic and racial mix. Due to its convenient location, bordering both Virginia Beach and Norfolk, as well as the Great Bridge and South Norfolk sections of Chesapeake, Indian River is considered a prime location for new residents.

Our building, now more than 50 years old, has been consistently modernized. Today it includes over 400 computers, including 10 mobile labs as well as 23 SMARTBoards. The school offers a strong music program, offering traditional band and chorus as well as orchestra.

Indian River is truly an outstanding school offering a diverse community, a modern facility, an excellent artistic tradition, and strong athletics. The school represents a traditional, varied, successful community and is preparing its students for success in the 21st century through academic excellence.