Seniors – Class of 2021

Grad products are coming!  Save the dates:  March 1st and 2nd @ IRH.  Click here for my information.
Seniors and Senior parents/guardians…
Once you receive your online senior proofs you will need to make your yearbook portrait selection. This selection is through the Candid Color website. Yearbook selections MUST meet the following requirements: it must be a vertical, formal (tux or drape) portrait with the blue background. You will have until Friday, November 6, 2020 to make your yearbook selection. After November 6, 2020 Ms. Finlay, our yearbook advisor, will make portrait selections for any senior portraits without a selection. Any selections NOT meeting the requirements above (vertical, tux or drape , blue background) will not be honored. You do NOT need to make a purchase to make your yearbook selection. Candid Color Photography is the official photography company for Indian River High School’s senior portraits, underclassmen and faculty pictures, sports and club/activities pictures, and major event pictures.


Senior Class Officers:

President Joel Albritton
Vice President Olivia Dorsey
Secretary Roger Riffle
Historian Christina Garcia
Treasurer Hannah Bodnovitch
Recording Secretary Delores Cyrus