Guidance Assistance

The high school counselors from all 7 Chesapeake high schools and the Chesapeake Career Center have made a 12 minute video that we would like you to watch.  The video talks about what a high school counselor can do for you, and it also talks about how to help yourself or a friend if there is a concern about teenage depression and/or suicide.  Please follow steps 1 and 2 below.  There is also a step 3 if you want more information.

1. Below you will find the YouTube link to the 12 minute video from the Chesapeake High School Counselors.  Please watch.

2. Below you will find the link to the Mayo Clinic 4 minute video on what you and parents/guardians can do if you are worried about a friend who may be depressed or who is talking about suicide.  Please watch.

(3) Teen Suicide Prevention – YouTube

3. Below will find a flyer with links to all of the resources we used in making the Chesapeake video. Please check out any of the links you may find helpful.

Mr. Hargrove Last names A – Cr
Ms. Thompson Last names Cu – Har
Mrs. Jones Last names Has – Mc
Mrs. Peterson Last names Me – Sc
Ms. Potts Last names Se – Z
Mrs. Goodman Student Assistance Counselor
Mr. Cohen School Counseling Director