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Indian River High School Contact Information  2021-2022

In order for you to reach the correct person and receive a timely response, we encourage you to e-mail the faculty and staff directly.  Please use the information below to assist you in contacting the best person for your question.


Name Title Detailed Responsibilities E-mail address
Naomi Dunbar Principal Email Naomi Dunbar
Holly Tuten Assistant Principal for Instruction Instructional Issues Email Holly Tuten
Doug Connolly Assistant Principal 9th Grade Email Doug Connolly
Derrell Joppy Assistant Principal 10th Grade Email Derrell Joppy
Tee Bunch-Boney Assistant Principal 11th Grade Email Tee Bunch-Boney
Pedro Martinez Assistant Principal 12th Grade Email Pedro Martinez
Officer M. Skalski School Resource Officer Email Officer Skalski
Kirt Overton Athletic Director Email Kirt Overton
Marie Miguel Yearbook Sponsor Email Marie Miguel
Scott Cohen School Counseling Director
Freshmen Class Sponsor
Email Scott Cohen
Crystal Goodman School Counselor Student Assistance Counselor Email Crystal Goodman
Teonna Thompson School Counselor Last Names Cu-Har Email Teonna Thompson
Christen Jones School Counselor Last Names Has – Mc Email Christen Jones
Timothy Hargrove School Counselor Last Names A-Cr Email Timothy Hargrove
Katrina Peterson School Counselor Last Names Me – Sc Email Katrina Peterson
Kelly Potts School Counselor Last Names Se – Z Email Kelly Potts
Natasha Sackey ACCESS Counselor Email Natasha Sackey
Nicole Eze Guidance Secretary/Registrar Records Request
Educational Verification
Email Nicole Eze
Martrina Williams Attendance Clerk Email Martrina Williams
Hailey Estes SOL Testing Clerk Email Hailey Estes
Dawn Edmonds Bookkeeper Email Dawn Edmonds
Hilary Bhagan School Nurse Email Hillary Bhaghan
Emily Goard Senior Class Sponsor Email Emily Goard
Donna Reich Junior Class Sponsor Email Donna Reich
Kyle Chowhan Student Activities Email Kyle Chowhan
Maria Smith PTSA President Email Maria Smith
After Prom Chairperson