Characteristics of a Successful Online Learner

    • Highly motivated
    • Self-disciplined
    • Able to manage time well
    • Willing to participate in class discussions
    • Comfortable with no face-to-face interaction
    • Technologically savvy


Statements to Determine if Online Learning Is for You
Consider the following statements and if they apply to you.

  • I am motivated to do well in school.
  • I am able to manage my time wisely.
  • I am willing to set aside a specific amount of time each day to devote to the online class.
  • I am willing to learn in a virtual environment.
  • I possess strong reading comprehension skills.
  • I can express myself well through the written word.
  • I accept responsibility for my education.
  • I can work well independently.
  • I am willing to ask questions when I need clarification or don’t understand something.
  • I am comfortable navigating the Internet for research purposes.
  • I am able to use word processing programs such as MS Word.
  • I enjoy using the computer.

Is online learning for you?
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