Virtual Instruction Program

The Virtual Instruction Program offers several online courses, taught by Chesapeake Public Schools teachers, to students enrolled in Chesapeake Public Schools through the Desire2Learn learning management system.  Online courses require students to work independently, demonstrate excellent time management skills, provide their own computer and internet access at home, and be motivated to succeed.  Courses in the Virtual Instruction Program allow students greater flexibility with course schedules and meet a state requirement of having an online learning experience prior to graduating high school.  All Chesapeake Public Schools students are eligible to enroll in courses offered as part of the Virtual Instruction Program.

To take a course in the Virtual Instruction Program:

  • students must be officially enrolled in Chesapeake Public Schools.
  • students must have reliable computer and Internet access at home. A mobile device is not sufficient.
  • students must complete the application and submit it to their guidance counselor.
  • students must complete all necessary course prerequisites.
  • students must successfully complete an online orientation module prior to enrollment.
  • students and parents must have a valid email address.
  • students must take the course as part of their normal course load.

NOTE: All courses are subject to sufficient enrollment and subject to change.

For further information, please contact the E-Learning Coordinator at 757-482-5635.

Honors US/VA History Spring
US/VA Government Fall, Spring, Summer
Honors English 11 Fall
English 12 Spring, Summer
Economics/Personal Finance Fall, Spring, Summer