Virtual Instruction Program

Chesapeake Public Schools offers several online courses using the Desire2Learn Online platform to current Chesapeake Public School students. The Desire2Learn system provides students an alternative way to complete courses. Exposure to this technology will prepare our students for the future. Students will take the courses from home via the Internet. Students are responsible for providing reliable computer and Internet access. Students taking online courses should possess excellent time management skills, computer skills and be motivated to succeed. Online courses will require students to work independently.

To sign up:

  • Students must be officially enrolled in Chesapeake Public Schools.
  • Students must have reliable computer and Internet access at home. A mobile device is not sufficient.
  • Students must complete the application.
  • Students must complete all necessary course prerequisites.
  • Students must successfully complete the online orientation.
  • Students and parents must have a valid email address.
  • Students must take the course as part of their normal course load.

NOTE: All courses are subject to sufficient enrollment and subject to change.
For further information, please contact the E-Learning Coordinator at 757-482-5635.

US/VA History Fall, Spring
US/VA Government Fall, Spring, Summer
English 11 Fall, Spring
English 12 Spring, Summer
Economics/Personal Finance Fall, Spring, Summer



Virtual Virginia is a program of the Virginia Department of Education serving students in Virginia middle and high schools by providing flexible options for the diverse educational needs of students and their families. The program offers equal access to online courses for students who would like to enroll in Advanced Placement, world language, core academic courses, and elective courses. Advanced placement courses follow the College Board curriculum. In order to take AP courses, students must be Early College Scholars and have an application on file at their home school.

To enroll, please contact your guidance counselor.

Course Catalog