Siteimprove QA Report (Classic Mode) – Instructions

All main pagemasters will receive regular emails entitled Siteimprove Reports – QA (Quality Assurance).

Click on the Download link in order to view this report.

screenshot-qa report download from email


On the Website Overview Screen, notice two (2) circular areas. Pagemasters are responsible for correcting Broken Links and Misspellings.

Broken Lnks and Misspellings


Click on “pages affected” if you have one (1) or more broken links indicated in the circular display. This will show a list of pages being affected by the broken link.

screenshot - number of pages affected by broken link



Click on the magnifying glass icon for more details about where to find the corresponding broken link(s) or broken links in (PDFs).

screenshot of broken link list

screenshot - broken links in PDFs

The detailed view of the broken link will show where the it may be found on a page. In the example below, the PDF linked from the menu is a broken link. The pagemaster should remove the link or upload the PDF to the Media Library in WordPress.

screenshot of broken link found on the menu of a page