Siteimprove Accessibility Report (Classic Mode) – Instructions

All main pagemasters will receive regular emails entitled Siteimprove Reports – CPS Accessibility.

Click on the Download link in order to view this report.

screenshot of SiteImprove Accessibility Report Email



On the Website Overview Screen, notice three (3) circular areas. Pagemasters are responsible for correcting A and AA issues, but AAA issues (far right) can be ignored.


screenshot of Siteimprove website overview



Additionally, pagemasters are only responsible for correcting the “Errors”, where indicated by Exclamation (!) points. “Warnings” and “Needs Review” can be ignored.

screenshot - siteimprove issues A and AA


Click on the number beside the Exclamation (!) point, in order to see the list of A or AA issues.

screesnot-closeup of number of AA issues




The Overall Progress screen lists the WCAG A/AA Standards that are being breached on the website.

In the example below, two Standards are listed: “Color contrast is insufficient” and “Element not highlighted on focus”.

screenshot-overall progress


After clicking on a link to a Standard (shown above), a Description of the WCAG 2.0 Standard will display in more detail.

siteimprove - description of WCAG 2.0 error


Additionally, an explanation of how the error can be fixed will display.

screenshot - siteimprove description of how to fix error


Further down the page will be a Bar Graph/Timeline depicting the number of pages containing this breach. It is desirable to see the bar (number of errors) drop over time.

screenshot - bar graph of pages with issue


Following the Graph is a List of Pages URLs on which this Error occurs. Click on a Page URL to view more information.

screenshot - Siteimprove - List of pages with issues


The detailed view the of Page URL will show the Error on the page (e.g. with a colored border around it) and more information about the error will appear at Left and Bottom.