How to create a WP Show Post

Sometimes you will want to put posts on your school or department home page that has multiple columns or only shows a specific number of posts.  To do this we need to create a WP Show Posts list item.

  • click on the “add new” link under WP Show Posts in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Enter a list title & select the post type (post is most common)
  • Under the taxonomy drop-down select category (most common), once you do that your current post categories will appear.  You can check one or all categories
  • go through each tab and setting until you have your desired look and layout.
  • copy the short code in the usage box on the right side
  • click save
  • paste the short code on the page where you want your posts to appear (homepage is most common), then save.
WP Show Posts add new list page
WP Show Posts add new list page