Technology Plan

Executive Summary

Chesapeake Public School’s students use technology, at every grade level, as a tool to enhance the curriculum and support the standards of learning. To promote this integration, Chesapeake has made a significant effort to provide the appropriate and necessary technology on an equitable basis across the school system. Ipad, ruller, pencil, paper, folders and apple
Chesapeake has also provided a significant amount of staff development and training for teachers and staff members. It is the goal of Chesapeake Public Schools to ensure that the provided technology is used optimally to enhance the learning of students and to provide a more efficient and effective operation of the school system.

CPS has made a significant effort to provide the necessary technology, both hardware and software, on an equitable basis across the school system. Every CPS school has an automated media center; a minimum of one computer for every three students; Internet access for all students, faculty, and staff; and a solid infrastructure for the sharing of resources. CPS has made progress in the use of Web 2.0 tools by providing secured access to web-based tools available for instructional purposes. CPS is able to do so while maintaining safety for both of students and staff by following our Internet Safety Program and division guidelines. Our goal is to provide our teachers with multiple free resources to use in the classroom that benefit instruction.

CPS strives to provide a learning environment that offers alternate learning opportunities in addition to traditional environments. All of which will integrate the use of effective technology. In order to accomplish this goal, the school division will equip its faculty and staff with the ability to recognize and utilize technologies to engage students in contextual learning. Through the appropriate selection of technology tools and training, the improved communication between staff, students and parents will allow CPS to focus on a holistic learning approach.

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