How to Create an Email Subscription

In the WordPress Dashboard go to the plugins section Activate the “Email Subscribers & Newsletters” plugin (Figure 2) Go to the new Email Subscribers section in the left side dashboard menu and click on campaigns There should already be a “New Post Published – {{POSTTITLE}}” there, hover underneath the email

How to create a WP Show Post

Sometimes you will want to put posts on your school or department home page that has multiple columns or only shows a specific number of posts.  To do this we need to create a WP Show Posts list item. click on the “add new” link under WP Show Posts in

How to Create a Post Category

There are two methods to create a post category… Method 1: The simplest way to create a new post category is when you create a new post.  On the new post screen go to the right side of the screen towards the middle of the page and click the add

How to edit Site Identification and Tagline

While in the Dashboard, hover your cursor over “Appearance” in the left menu, then click on “Customize”.   Click on “Site Identity”.   Enter the name of your WordPress site in the “Site Title” field. Enter your address in the “Tagline” field. To create a line-break after the address, type

Know the Difference between Pages and Posts

Although “pages” and “posts” are created in the same manner and have titles and body text, their end uses are different. Pages are generally reserved for static content. Examples are: About Us, and Contact Us and other pages on the menu. Posts are similar to pages but can be categorized.

How to Create a New Page

While in the Dashboard, hover your cursor over “Pages”, then click on “Add New”.   Enter the page title in the field. Enter text in the content area below. Be sure to click on the “Publish” button to save changes.