Why Work for Chesapeake Public Schools

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Bridget Eads

“I love working for Chesapeake Public Schools because I am able to make a positive impact on so many children and as an extra bonus I get to work with amazing coworkers and staff.”
Bridget Eads, Teacher

Dr. Muriel Barefield

“Working in Chesapeake has been wonderful because of the many opportunities I’ve been given to work in different schools and positions. I sincerely appreciate all the support I’ve received throughout my career.”
Dr. Muriel Barefield, Principal

Deonte Tynes

“The best thing about working for Chesapeake Public Schools is the benefits, the great friendly people, and the working environment.”
Deonte Tynes, Custodian III

 Amber Dortch

“The best part of working for Chesapeake Public Schools is the ongoing support and encouragement I receive from my CPS family. I started my career as a substitute in our division and have assumed many positions over the years. With each new role, I received incredible mentors who worked alongside me to share their experiences and ensure my success. As a mother of three children enrolled in Chesapeake Public Schools, I remain impressed with the high quality, differentiated instruction that each of my children receive. In Chesapeake, we not only develop the minds of our students, but also foster a love of learning that is far reaching.”
Amber Dortch, Principal

 Karen Pickering

“I love working hands on with the children. Watching them grow and find success is such a reward. The partnership with my teacher, Ginger Soles, makes all the difference. She values my opinion and my work with the students. We work as a team to make sure each child reaches their potential.”
Karen Pickering, Teacher Assistant

 Liz Strickland

“The best thing about working for Chesapeake Public Schools is being associated with the most dedicated individuals who share a common goal of preparing our children for a bright and challenging future.”
Liz Strickland, Data Quality Secretary

 Bobby Taylor

“I love working for Chesapeake Public Schools because of the outstanding benefits that are offered. With having our own pharmacy, my family and I are able to get prescriptions filled at a much lower cost than any other pharmacy. The low monthly premiums for my insurance is definitely a plus.”
Bobby Taylor, Mechanic

 Matthew Puryear

“One of the best things about working for Chesapeake Public Schools is the opportunity we have to develop relationships with our coaches, student-athletes, and their families in creating a community excellence.”
Matthew Puryear, Athletic Director