Substitute Compensation Rates

2020-2021 Compensation Rates

Substitutes are compensated in accordance with one of the following payment plans:

Teacher/Regular $13.26/Hour
Teacher/ Long-Term Non-Degreed $17.13/ Hour**
Teacher/ Long-Term Degreed $22.67/ Hour**
Teacher Assistant/ Daily $9.50/ Hour
Teacher Assistant/ Long-Term $12.32/ Hour**
Home-bound Teacher (Certified) $27.09/ Hour


The following positions are not filled through Frontline Absence Management system (Formally AESOP).  You may substitute in these positions if there is an opportunity. The substitute rates for these positions are:

 ISS (In-School School)/ Regular  $10.27/ Hour
 ISS/(Long-Term)  $13.26/ Hour**
 School Security Officer/ Regular  $10.79/ Hour
 School Security Officer/ Long-Term  $13.93/ Hour**


**19 or more consecutive days in the same classroom.