Substitute Compensation Rates

2022-2023 Substitute Pay Rates

Substitutes are compensated in accordance with one of the following payment plans:

Teacher/Regular $15.00/Hour
Teacher/ Long-Term Non-Degreed $20.00/ Hour**
Teacher/ Long-Term Degreed $25.00/ Hour**
Teacher Assistant/ Daily $12.00/ Hour
Teacher Assistant/ Long-Term $14.00/ Hour**

The following positions are not filled through Frontline Absence Management system.  You may substitute in these positions if there is an opportunity. The substitute rates for these positions are:

 In-School Suspension (ISS) Monitor / Regular  $12.00/ Hour
 ISS Monitor/Long-Term  $15.00/ Hour**
 School Security Officer/ Regular  $12.00/ Hour
 School Security Officer/ Long-Term  $15.00/ Hour**

**19 or more consecutive days in the same classroom.