Human Resources Staff

Dr. Sherry Wilson
Email Sherry Wilson
Director of Human Resources 510231
Mr. Michael Bailey
Email Michael Bailey
Assistant Director of Human Resources 510230
Sarah Boone
Email Sarah Boone
Human Resources Administrator 510221
Tina Castleton
Email Tina Castleton
Human Resources Clerk 510226
Audrey Conrad
Email Audrey Conrad
Human Resources Senior Analyst 510238
Karen Cooper-Collins
Email Karen Cooper-Collins
Human Resources Administrator 510277
Laurie Edgar
Email Laurie Edgar
Human Resources Administrator 510219
Alison Eisinger
Email Alison Eisinger
Human Resources Clerk 510223
Yolanda Featherston
Email Yolanda Featherston
Human Resources Technician 510225
Mindy Green
Email Mindy Green
Human Resources Administrator 510217
Email Jada Hamlett
Human Resources Clerk 510207
Kathy Hardison
Email Kathy Hardison
Human ResourcesLicense Specialist 510228
Cherl-Lynn Hyater
Email Cherl-Lynn Hyater
Absence Management Software Technician 510304
Lisa Lynch
Email Lisa Lynch
Instructional Skills Specialist 465-6310
Cindy Nieter
Email Cindy Nieter
Human Resources Administrative Secretary 510231
Marcy Olander
Email Marcy Olander
Human Resources Technician 510172
Debbie Parsons
Email Debbie Parsons
Human Resources File Clerk 510162
Renee Primm
Email Renee Primm
Human Resources Clerk 510304
Bonnie Revell
Email Bonnie Revell
Human Resources Receptionist 510216
Crystal Stables
Email Crystal Stables
Human Resources Clerk 510229
Dorothy Stefaney
Email Dorothy Stefaney
Human Resources Clerk 510278
John Sykes
Email John Sykes
Human Resources Administrator 510222
Pam Taylor
Email Pam Taylor
Lead Human Resources Technician 510224
Melissa Thomas
Email Melissa Thomas
Human Resources Technician 510165
Judy Thurston
Email Judy Thurston
Human Resources Administrator 510608
Lou Whitehurst
Email Loubertha Whitehurst
Human Resources Clerk 510227
Sue Winslow
Email Sue Winslow
Information Systems Technician 510230