Classified Performance Evaluations

Chesapeake Public Schools’ policy states that the Superintendent of Schools shall establish and maintain a suitable procedure for an adequate and periodic evaluation of the work of each employee and shall maintain suitable records of such evaluation. All regular employees shall be evaluated by the administrator or supervisor to whom they are responsible. Chesapeake Public Schools is interested in helping all employees perform their jobs in a satisfactory manner. In order to accomplish this goal, employees shall be evaluated periodically.

The following guidelines have been created for the classified performance evaluation process:

  • Classified evaluations will be completed through the PowerSchool application.
  • Classified employees will develop professional goals as part of their evaluation process. Goals will be developed by the employee and approved by the supervisor through PowerSchool and integrated into the summative evaluation within the PowerSchool application.
  • A mid-year evaluation will be available for any classified staff member who is performing below expectations. Classified staff members receiving a rating of Below Expectations or Unsatisfactory the previous year will automatically receive a mid-year evaluation.
  • Principals may request a mid-year evaluation for any classified staff member experiencing difficulty in the current school year.
  • Classified employees who are meeting expectations (no ratings of Below Expectations or Unsatisfactory) are evaluated on a 3- year cycle.

The Evaluation Document is comprised of five areas of focus:

  • Performance
  • Work Standards
  • Human Relations Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Managerial/Supervisory

Each of the areas contains specific indicators to evaluate. The following Code of Evaluation standards are used to denote performance for each one:

  • Meets Expectations (3) The employee consistently meets expectations set forth within the stated performance indicator.
  • Below Expectations (2) The employee inconsistently meets expectations set forth within the stated performance indicator.
  • Unsatisfactory (1) There is little or no evidence that the employee has met the expectations set forth within the stated performance indicator.

Below are documents that have been created to assist classified employees in documenting evidence of student growth through multiple measures (Please note that other principal-approved documents may be created to document students’ academic growth).

Evaluation Resources for Classified Staff Members

Watch the video overview of the Classified Evaluation System (Must be on CPS Network to view)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the new classified evaluation tool be used for all classified employees?

No. classified employee groups who have had a specialized evaluation tool specific to their positions will continue to use those specialized evaluations (for example: bus driver, LEP tutors, and school nutrition managers will continue to use their previous evaluation instruments). Although the same tools will continue to be used for these employee groups, they will be accessed and submitted electronically through PowerSchool.

Am I required to complete a self-evaluation as part of the evaluation process?

Employees are strongly encouraged to complete and submit a self-evaluation to their evaluator. The submission of this document will allow employees the opportunity to reflect and provide feedback to their evaluators regarding their own performance prior to the scheduling of their formal evaluation conference. Employees are encouraged to bring a copy of their self-evaluation to their summative performance evaluation conference as this document will likely guide discussions regarding employee performance during the conference. Individual supervisors may require the self-evaluation as part of the evaluation process.

What is the evaluation cycle for classified employees?

The evaluation cycle for classified employees has been changed to a 3-year cycle for those classified employees who are meeting expectations. Employees with a rating of “Below Expectations” or “Unsatisfactory” on any portion of their summative evaluation will be evaluated during the next school year. Principals and supervisors reserve the right to evaluate employees more frequently than the prescribed evaluation cycle.