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Chesapeake Public Schools is having a Student Teacher Job Fair on Thursday, November 14, 2019, at 4:30 P.M. at Great Bridge Middle School. This job fair is designed to fill vacancies in the following areas: K-12 special education, preschool special education, elementary general education, math, science, English, technology education, and family and consumer science. Spring 2020 graduates are encouraged to attend the job fair to be considered for early teaching contracts for future teaching opportunities as part of the Career Commitment Program.

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Calling all Student Teachers and Spring Graduates…..Be a Part of the Chesapeake Public Schools Career Commitment Program!

Group of adults having a conversation. Two adults are shaking hands.Chesapeake teachers and administrators want to share their love of teaching and learning with future Career Commitment candidates over the course of a two-day program scheduled for January 2020. The goal of the program is to recruit the best and the brightest future teachers early and show them why Chesapeake Public Schools is truly the best place to begin their career.

Young man signing his contract.Last year, over forty candidates spent two days with our division meeting with human resources administrators, visiting schools and classrooms, asking questions of our teacher and administrator panel, and attending a welcome ceremony and reception. Watch to learn more about the program.

We look forward to reviewing applications for our next class of Career Commitment teachers. Be sure to submit a teaching application and register:

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Welcome to the Department of Human Resources webpage for Chesapeake Public Schools. Our 7 high schools, 10 middle schools, 28 elementary schools, and other special centers and facilities are dedicated to high levels of student performance. With one of the highest graduation rates and lowest drop-out rates in the state, Chesapeake Public Schools is known for its commitment to the academic growth of its students. To that end, the Department of Human Resources is committed to supporting the mission and goals of Chesapeake Public Schools and to attracting, developing, and retaining quality employees.

Chesapeake Public Schools is an equal educational opportunity school division. The School Board also adheres to the principles of equal opportunity in employment and prohibits discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, color, religion, age, or disability.