SCA Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution and Bylaws
Student Council Association of Hugo A. Owens Middle School


The name of the organization shall be the Student Council Association of Hugo Owens Middle School.


The Student Council Association of Hugo Owens Middle School is affiliated with the National Association of Student Councils and the Virginia Student Council Association.


The purpose of this organization shall be:

  1. To develop initiative for self-government within the student body
  2. To promote those things which tend to advance the overall education, morale, and welfare of the school
  3. To serve as a coordination agency in the school
  4. To promote school spirit
  5. To plan and promote activities for the entertainment of the student body
  6. To undertake project for the benefit of the school and community
  7. To provide leadership training

ARTICLE IV: Membership

Clause 1

All students who attend Hugo Owens Middle School are members of the Student Council Association.

Clause 2

The student delegation shall be the representative body of the SCA and shall consist of a general assembly and executive council.

Clause 3

The SCA General Assembly shall consist of student representatives who complete an application and are elected by their respective homeroom classmates and approved by their homeroom teacher. Each homeroom may select up to 3 representatives.

Clause 4

The SCA Executive Council shall consist of 12 students from the general assembly who complete an application and interview process in January and are appointed by the SCA sponsor and Principal for the second semester.

Clause 5

Removal from office

  1. All SCA delegates are subject to removal from office for cause.
  2. Grounds for removal include, but are not limited to all direct violations of school policy, honor code violations, and cases of negligence with regard to officer duties.
  3. Removal of SCA delegates will be the responsibility of the SCA Sponsor and Principal.

ARTICLE V: Meetings

Clause 1

The faculty advisor shall be named by the administration and shall be present at all delegation meetings.

Clause 2

Student delegation meetings should be held as needed.

Clause 3

The SCA shall be represented at all city, district, regional, and state meetings with the maximum number of delegates.

Article VI

This constitution may be amended by either of the following methods:

  1. A two-thirds vote of the delegation
  2. A petition bearing the signatures of two-thirds of the members of the student body


ARTICLE I: Duties of General Assembly Representatives

  1. Represent their respective homerooms at all general assembly meetings
  2. Conduct homeroom activities and carry out the purpose of the SCA
  3. Submit proposals to the Executive Council
  4. Assist in organization and implementation of SCA activities
  5. Attend SCA functions

ARTICLE II: Duties of Executive Council Members

  1. Actively provide input into the process for developing student policies
  2. Create, plan, and promote school activities and spirit weeks
  3. Maintain communication between students and faculty
  4. Provide yearlong activities involving social gatherings, community service projects, school service projects, and educational programs for the students
  5. Promote student involvement in the school and the community
  6. Promote school spirit and a sense of pride among students and faculty
  7. Sponsor activities that will provide funds for activities to be carried out by SCA