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                               2021-2022 PTSA Officers and Committees

President Lea Delacruz

The President shall preside at all Executive and General Meetings and coordinate the work of all officers and committees. This officer will also assist with the planning of PTSA events and serve as the liaison with school administration.

Vice President Shannon Will

The Vice President shall act as aide to the President and perform the duties of the President in his / her absence as needed. This officer will also assist with the planning of PTSA events.

Secretary Rachel Zollweg

The Secretary shall record the minutes of all Executive and General Meetings and hold the current copy of the bylaws.

Treasurer Yohanna Cherry

The Treasurer shall have custody of all PTSA funds and keep a full and accurate account of all receipts and expenditures. The Treasurer shall make payments as authorized by the President and Executive Board, in accordance with the budget adopted by the membership, and ensure that all checks are signed by two authorized persons (Treasurer, President, or Vice President). The Treasurer shall present a financial statement at each meeting and prepare the financial records for an annual audit, to occur each summer. 

Membership Chair Victoria Opel

The Membership Chair shall organize and run the membership drive process and maintain an up-to-date membership list. This Chair may also solicit volunteers for PTSA events as needed.

Hospitality Chair Dawn Tenorio

The Hospitality Chair shall organize and run staff-focused activities, including the Back to School luncheon in August and the Teacher Appreciation Week luncheon in May. This Chair shall also help with other event planning as needed.

Scholarship Chair Betsy England

The Scholarship Chair shall organize and distribute materials for the annual HOMS PTSA scholarship program to local high schools and oversee the collection of entries. This Chair shall also manage the committee selection process.

Reflections Chair Shannon Will

The Reflections Chair shall organize and distribute materials for the annual Reflections (arts) program, to be held each fall. This Chair will coordinate with the citywide PTA representative to manage the submission and parent notification of winning entries.

Spiritwear Chair Leeann DeStefano

The Spiritwear Chair shall organize and run any general school-themed PTSA apparel sales, to include design, advertisement, and order fulfillment tasks.

Communications Chair Deanna Gummer

The Communications Chair shall organize and manage any online communications or newsletters from the PTSA, to include posts to social media sites to keep our parent community better informed of school activities.

Staff Liaison Sara Parnell

The Staff Liaison shall support all activities between the Hugo Owens PTSA and the Hugo Owens Faculty and Staff.