Clubs and Sponsors 

Art Club: Ms. Boyd

Book Club:  Ms. Fellone, Ms. Mathews, Ms. Pinner, Ms. Siazon

Drama:  Ms. Shoup, Ms. Carawan, Ms. O’Leary, Ms. Chasey

Environmental Club: Ms. Ball

Fandom Club:  Ms. Paschal, Ms. Richardson, Ms. Carawan, Ms. Chasey, Ms. Lee

FCCLA: Ms. Brandt, Ms. Chasey

French I Club: Ms. Alford

Friday Basketball:  Mr. Lane, Mr. Sybers

Intramural Dodgeball: Ms. J. Britt

Intramural Flag Football:  Ms. J. Britt

Intramural Rec Games:  Ms. J. Britt

Intramural Soccer:  Ms. J. Britt

Jazz Band: Mr. Phillips

Knitting Club:  Ms. Brandt

Ladies of Distinction:  Ms. Sallee, Ms. Green, Ms. Riddick

Lego League/Robotics: Ms. Fellone, Ms. Cummings, Mr. Siler, Mr. McCune

Makers Club:  Mr. Osterhout

Math Club: Mr. Hall

Men of Excellence:  Mr. Dunbar, Mr. Palladino, Mr. Williams

MTV News: Mr. Williams

Puzzle Club:  Ms. Pellicane

Running Club:  Ms. Kopacz, Ms. Lerf

SCA:  Ms. Kopacz, Ms. Acosta, Ms. Rye

Science Club: Ms. T. Bates, Ms. Motley

Scrabble Club:  Ms. Alford

Step Team: Ms. Ferebee, Ms. Howard

Technology Student Association (TSA): Mr. Palladino, Mr. Siler

Wyldlife: Ms. Harris, Ms. V. Bates, Ms. Richardson, Ms. Eiffert, Mr. Munden, Ms. Wike

Yearbook: Ms. Boyd

Young Scholars:  Ms. Stevens, Ms. T. Bates, Ms. V. Bates, Ms. Black