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Attitude of Gratitude

this is a photo of a bulletin board on the main hall of Hugo Owens Middle School, Random Acts of Kindness is written in red across a black field with a light blue border, below there are two rows of red, green, yellow and blue large open envelops. Below is text that reads; Step 1. pick a card; Step 2. make an impact; Step 3. Post a photo.


November is the month that we celebrate Thanksgiving and WE ARE demonstrating our gratitude at HOMS!

Attitude of Gratitude Challenge – Every student will receive this handout on November 1. Each morning during homeroom, they will write in something that they are thankful for and may opt to share it with their classmates.

Random Acts of Kindness – The display below is now posted to the left of the Cafeteria. Students will have the opportunity to take a card from one of the envelopes and complete the random act of kindness that is suggested, or come up with an idea of their own. Then, they can tell us about what they did by with this online form, and can even upload a picture of their “kindness”. The best entries will be included in the yearbook on our

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photo of hand holding a smart phone, phone screen image new text to 67587, YES send, with smart phone keyboard. school messenger written above, text to left Text yes to 67587

Chesapeake Public Schools provides  a service for parents that enhances communication by  delivering important information, such as delayed school openings or emergency closings due to weather, via SMS text messaging. This service is intended to enhance our existing means of communication and will not replace any exiting form of communication.

To participate in the new service you must register your mobile phone number. Registration is simple and only takes a few seconds to complete.


Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office free as student (Office 365)Chesapeake Public Schools is happy to announce the availability of Office 365 Pro Plus at no charge to all Chesapeake Public School (CPS) students for use on personal computer equipment. The licensing allows the installation of the software on up to five compatible PC and/or MAC computers. In addition, a simplified version of the software may be installed on up to five tablet/mobile devices. The license will remain active as long as the division maintains this agreement and as long as the individual is a CPS student. Once a student withdrawals from the division, they are no longer legally licensed to use the software.

Important Safety Rule

Chesapeake Public Schools / NO PARKING IN FIRE LANES

Red and White Sign: No Parking Fire Lane. Red horizontal two headed arrow

Please do not leave vehicles parked or standing in fire lanes. Visitors and staff are prohibited from parking in areas marked as fire lanes at all school buildings. Parking or standing vehicles may prevent the timely arrival of first responders to the scene of a police, medical or fire emergency. Leaving a vehicle unattended in a fire lanes may hamper emergency efforts.

In addition, simply parking the vehicle in fire lanes is against the law and may result in a $250.00 fine. We ask that all visitors please park in spots especially designated for visitors at our school buildings.