HMS Club List 2020 – 2021

Participation in all clubs is contingent upon current health and safety circumstances.  Some clubs may be conducted virtually.  

Club Sponsor Description
Anchor Club Ms. Gibson

Ms. Ruby

Ms. Queen

Anchor Club provides the opportunity to give back with organized community service projects. 
Animal & Pet Club Ms. Noblitt

Ms. German

Ms. Smith

Animal and pet lovers come together each month for their shared passion of caring for, supporting, and uplifting animals. Students share information and images about their pets, their habits, or funny antics. Chat on loving and caring for pets.
Art Comics Club Mrs. Ford Students will meet each month to share their original comic book creations. Students will learn new comic book drawing techniques, share ideas and give each other supportive feedback. This club will be held on zoom.
Best Buddies Ms. Brashear

Ms. Dunaway

Ms. Seery


Best Buddies allows everyone to have a friend, no matter who you are or what you are capable of. Best Buddies builds friendships between people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).
Bingo Club Ms. Rose Participants will play bingo, regular and specialty types of bingo. Dues, $5 this will be used for prizes.
Book Club Ms. Mayfield

Ms. Atwood

Ms. Boyce

Ms. Timmins

Participants share the love of reading. Students craft a yearly book list, and then a rotation of student led meetings fostering expression and speaking skills.  We will meet via Zoom at 3:00 pm the 2nd and 4th Mondays January through April.
Citizen Science Club Ms. Deir

Ms. Ewers

Science needs your help! By making and sharing observations, you can make a difference to scientific research. Taking photos documenting changes in nature and many other exciting activities.
Coloring Club Ms. Quidley (Grades 7 & 8)

Ms. Hemmings (Grade 6)

Ms. Fletcher (Grade 6)

Ms. Spechio (Grade 6)

This club offers an immersive experience that allows students to create beautiful art. Students will relax, unwind, and color their stress away while listening to calming music
Creative Writing Ms. Kline

Ms. Lafferty

Students discover and engage in real world publishing with staff writing, editing and publishing.
Digital Video Editing & Production Ms. Labbe Students will create digital video productions. We will shoot, edit and produce original videos.  Students must have a camera or phone that can shoot video. 
Drama Club (In-Person Suspended) Ms. Klauss

Ms. Joyner

Mr. Hoyt

Ms. Bjork

Ms. Killenbeck

Students will learn the basics of drama, production, stage make-up, etc.
Field Hockey Ms. Mustain

Ms. Ruby

Desire to learn Field Hockey. $10 dues.
Foodie Club – Snack & Chat Club Ms. Royster

Ms. McDearmid

Ms. Roberts

Ms. Guillen

If you love food, come together to discuss how to cool a wide variety of foods through cultures around the world and explore healthy and fun cooking options.
Forensics Ms. Cigich

Ms. Halloway

Ms. Dekker

Involves reading of poetry and prose. Those chosen for competition must attend city wide tournament in March. Some members may be asked to speak at Awards Night
Game Club Ms. Mayfield

Ms. Kennedy

Ms. Perry

We will play group games that lend themselves to social distancing. Requires parent drop off.  Will play from 8:00 am to 8:35 am on the 2nd Wednesday of month and 3rd Thursday of the month.  
Greenhouse Club Ms. Gold-Rosenhouse

Ms. Gilland

Ms. Ewers

Plants/Horticulture/Farm2Table STEAM Projects
Have a Heart Club Ms. Spence

Ms. Fulford

Sew small felt hearts by hand, tagged with inspirational quotes to scatter around the community and beyond. We support The Peyton Heart Project which works to bring awareness to the issues of bullying and teen suicide.  Will meet 2nd Tues and 3rd Wed of each month after school.
JS2S – Safe School Ambassadors Ms. Green JS2S is a program lead by middle school students to meet the transitional needs of students. This is a military based club, but all students
are welcome. You will learn how to welcome new students, become an expert about HMS to share with new students, and learn leadership skills. We need students from each grade level to represent that grade.
Ladies of Distinction Ms. Bynum

Ms. Herbert

Ms. Wampole

The Ladies of Distinction is an educational humanitarian organization composed of women interested in the well-being of individuals.
MathCounts Ms. Smith

Ms. Ehret

Ms. Seymour

A national middle school mathematics competition that builds problem solving skills and fosters achievement through 4 levels of fun, in-person “bee” style contests.
Men of Excellence Ms. Bynum Leadership for Young Men
Mindfulness & Meditation Ms. Carawan

Ms. Baker

Ms. Thompson

Join for 30 minutes, twice a month to gain an understanding of meditation. You will learn the varying types of meditation to enjoy a more relaxed and mindful well-being.
Music Club
Mr. Clemens Discuss, listen, and view some of our favorite Rock and R & B music.
Photography Ms. Slan

Ms. Clark

Explore the world through your camera lens with others. Share images of our amazing world and hone your craft.
Random Acts of Kindness Club Ms. Spiva

Ms. Mosher

Ms. Leist

Ms. Smith

Ms. Close

Ms. Wallace

Ms. Petro

To build self-esteem and raise school morale by showing every person at our school that he or she really can make a difference. To bring everyone at our school together in a cooperative, caring way. To remind students to look for the good they see in people.
Relay for Life Club Ms. Spechio

Ms. Gough

Ms. Walker

Raise money through a mini-walk in late Nov., fund-raising events and participation in the Chesapeake Relay in MAY!
Sign Language Ms. Wampole

Ms. Fortune

Ms. Connor

Sign Language is a fascinating, beautiful, unique and expressive form of communication. Join together with others to learn.
Stock Market Game
Ms. Noriega

Ms. Quick

Ms. Smith

Small student teams compete for awards by investing $100,000 in an online, virtual portfolio.
Technology TSA Club Mr. Boyd Technology Student Association – rockets and cars – designs and launches
Track Conditioning
Ms. Cigich

Mr. Dawson

Ms. Carawan

Exercise in preparation for field and track competitions.
Volleyball Club Mr. Cigich Exercise in preparation for volleyball.
We Dine Together (Suspended) Mr. Hoyt

Ms. Goble

Mr. Clark

Reduce/eliminate the number of students sitting alone at lunch Promote kindness
World Language Club
Ms. Hudson

Ms. Kenyon

Ms. Ryan

Ms. Calderon

Bonjour! Immerse into world cultures, cuisine and virtual countryside. Embark on a journey of France.
Wrestling Club Mr. Filson Basics to advanced wrestling techniques.
Wyld Life
Mr. Davis

Ms. Burkett

Christian students gather together to support and encourage each other like a youth group at school.
Yearbook (7th and 8th grade only) Ms. Moorman

Ms. Bates

Ms. Thompson

Collecting student memories to create the HMS Yearbook