Athletic Eligibility

Chesapeake Public Schools Revised 2.0 GPA Policy for Athletic Eligibility for 2022-2023

In order to be eligible for a Chesapeake Middle School League activity, a student must have maintained either a 2.0 GPA for the previous nine weeks or have maintained a 2.0 overall GPA. Middle school student athletes who have passed the required number of courses (four courses, two of which are core) but do not have the required 2.0 GPA can be eligible for a probation period starting the second nine weeks of 2022, if necessary. During the probationary nine weeks, a student is allowed to continue participation in CMSL activities and attend mandatory study hall. Any student participating in a sport during this probationary period may not practice or participate in contests without attending study hall. The probationary period is defined as the nine weeks following a grading period in which a participant falls below the 2.0 GPA requirement and meets the CMSL eligibility requirements. A student who does not comply with the CMSL individual eligibility regulations will be ineligible to participate.