• Our mission at Hickory Middle School is to develop professional learning communities with a strong, child-centered focus that inspire commitment and collaboration in order to promote educational and digital literacy in a technologically fluent society.

Fall 2021 – Virtual Virginia Applications Now Available for Middle School Students

Dr. Cotton presented the instructional plan for the 2021-22 school year at the April 19, 2021 School Board Meeting. While the primary mode of instruction for ALL grade levels will be full-time in-person learning, Chesapeake will continue to offer virtual learning opportunities by application only. Families at the elementary and middle school levels who would like to apply for virtual learning will be required to make a full-year commitment to Virtual Virginia. Applications are now available on our website.

Completed applications should be submitted via email to Dr. Debbie Hutchens at  or returned to the school in person. Hard copies of the application are available by request in our main office.

Academic Awards

Friday, June 11th

Sixth Grade Virtually at 9 am

Seventh Grade Virtually at 10:40 am

Eighth Grade Virtually at 11:30 am

Spring SOL and Exam Schedule

SOL TESTING DATES EXAMS for credit bearing courses
Monday – 5/17 – Reading all grades (Option 2)

Tuesday – 5/18 – Reading all grades

Wednesday – 5/19 – Reading all grades

Monday 06/14 – Algebra 1 and Geometry exams
Monday – 5/24 – Science 8 & Civics 6 (Option 2)

Tuesday – 5/25 – Science 8 & Civics 6

Wednesday – 5/26 Science 8 & Civics 6

Tuesday, 06/15 – Foreign Language exams (during class)
Thursday, 06/03 – Math all grades

Friday, 06/04 – Math all grades

Monday – 06/07 – Math all grades (Option 2)

Wednesday, 6/16 – Foreign Language exams (during class)