Updated Dual Enrollment Process

Step 1:  All prospective DE students apply to Tidewater Community College online: www.tcc.edu/apply

Step 2:  Students complete the online Dual Enrollment Admissions webform: https://forms.tcc.edu/dual-enrollment-application/
This webform replaces the former paper DE admissions form. For any student who has not turned in a paper DE admissions form will need to complete the online DE admissions webform.

Step 3: Students will complete and return the Cost Agreement.  (Currently being updated.)

Steps 1 & 2 MUST be completed by May 29.

In lieu of the placement testing, TCC will review several items, which will include any SAT or ACT scores, Algebra 1 SOL score (math placement test only), the highest level of math for the students, and the cumulative GPA.

Click here to view the flyer from TCC regarding dual enrollment.