Teacher of the Year


Congratulations to Mary Faith Williams,

Hickory High School’s

2019-2020 Teacher of the year!

Picture of Mary Faith Williams

Mary Faith Williams is a 2001 graduate of King’s College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education Certification, and Old Dominion University, where she earn a Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction in 2009.  She has 17 years of teaching experience, yet her desire to have a positive impact on students is as strong as the day she first entered the classroom.  Her commitment to the academic and social-emotional learning of children is evident not only in her own classroom, but also in her efforts to extend learning beyond her four walls into the Hickory community at large.

Mrs. Williams currently teaches English and Public Speaking at Hickory High School.  Mrs. Williams brought the Public Speaking class to HHS and it has expanded every year.   In class Mrs. Williams strives to bring students together, build student self-confidence, and offer opportunities students otherwise might not have.  She offers students unique experiences, such as a March Madness Writing bracket, an Etiquette luncheon, guest speakers who help with interviewing skills, collaborative opportunities with special education students, and three trips to Southeastern Elementary to build community rapport.  Mrs. Mary Faith Williams is an inspiration to all who walk the halls of Hickory High School.