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Lesley Sarver

Director of Student Activities


HHS Student Council Association

What is SCA?

Student Council Association is an alternate day, non-credit bearing class available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors that involves planning school events, promoting spirit week and pep rallies, fundraising, giving assistance where needed, and becoming the voice of the student body.

SCA Applications

To our aspiring leaders in grades 9, 10, and 11: please review the following information. All of the links are at the bottom of this information.  Best of luck!

1.     All students have been emailed the following: SCA Application via google form; staffulty recommendation; guidance evaluation; parent recommendation.

2.     Be sure to send emails to three teachers and your guidance counselor and include the links they need to use. Recommendation requests need to be sent to these individuals by February 9, 2021. Teachers and guidance counselors must be allowed an appropriate amount of time to complete the recommendation. Be sure to follow up with the individuals you choose.

3.     Your parents will also fill out a recommendation.  Please scan and email or turn it in at the office and ask to be placed in Mrs. Sarver’s mailbox by February 19, 2021 by 8:30 am. DO NOT bring them to her classroom.

4.     Applications will NOT be accepted late. It is important as a student leader to be conscious of deadlines; one displays responsibility and maturity when able to complete tasks on time. The following week will be used to review applications.



Hawk Pride: Wall of Honor

Hickory High School will be installing a Wall of Honor which will display the name, armed service branch and graduation year of our brave and courageous alumni.

Please complete the  Wall of Honor form to help us honor those who have served or currently are serving our country!

If you have any questions, please contact Lesley Sarver.


Revised 1/15/2019