2018-2019 Parking Information

Parking Information with 7 parked cars of multiple colors

Steps for obtaining your own parking permit: 

1.  Print and complete Hickory High School Acknowledgment Statement.

2.  Visit our Parking Application Form to fill in the required information. To complete this form, please sign out of all personal Google accounts and sign into the school assigned Google account. The form will only work using a CPS Google account.

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2:

3. Visit Hickory High School on the following dates outside of the Auditorium:

August 6th: Seniors only 10am-noon

August 8th: Seniors and Juniors only 10am-noon

August 13th and 15th: All 10am-noon

Please bring and/or complete the following: 

  • Valid Virginia Driver’s License (out of state with military ID)
  • Proof of car insurance
  • Completed Hickory High School Acknowledgment Statement, and the Parking application Form
  • Twenty dollars (cash (exact change only), check payable to HHS, or pay online)

Revised 7/20/18