One Lunch

Hickory High School's One Lunch Empowering Passes with Choices Lunch tray with map pens basketball pencils computer and hawk head with fork and knife

What is One Lunch?

One Lunch provides the students of Hickory High School with the access to participate in a variety of organized opportunities.  Our One Lunch opportunities include academic sessions, activity sessions, club meetings, supervised study hall areas, and teacher office hours. The purpose of these sessions is to support our Hawks academically, and socially.  We want all of our Hawks to have equitable access during the school day to the support HHS can provide, through the course of the entire school year.

How does it work?

Each Wednesday, our standard bell schedule is adjusted so that every student in the school has one lunch period that lasts for one hour.  This hour is split into two sessions, Gray Block and Teal Block. Students are empowered with the ability to choose one session per block which they find to be the most inspiring and engaging, or will best suit their specific needs.

View our One Lunch Schedule 

One Lunch Schedule


Revised 09/17/19