Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Here at Hickory High School we offer two different diplomas the Advance Diploma and the Standard. Each diploma has different graduation requirements. For more information on these graduation requirements please visit the links below.


Standard Diploma

Advance Diploma


Diploma Seals

Students meeting specific requirements for graduation and demonstrating exemplary performance may receive diploma seals for recognition. Please visit to learn more about our different diploma seal options and the requirements to obtain one.

Summer School Options

Information for 2020 Summer School will be available after Spring Break. Please check back for updated information.

Summer School Option Classes
Credit Recovery These are for classes that a student has failed. Only allowed to register for two classes for credit recovery. Must complete the first class before you can start the second class.
Virtual Virginia These classes are taught online through Virtual Virginia. Students are not allowed to take EPF or 0.5 credit classes through Virtual Virginia. A list of summer school classes can be found at
CPS Virtual Classes These classes are taught by a Chesapeake Public School Employee online. Can take a new class or repeat a class with CPS Virtual.
On-Campus These classes are taught on a Chesapeake Public School Campus.