AP and Honors English

Required Summer Reading:  These readings are required for AP English and will be assessed during the first marking period as detailed in the linked letters.

Suggested Summer Reading:  These works will be studied during the student’s honors English class, which may be first or second semester.  Reading the novels during the summer may help alleviate the pressure associated with assigned reading during the regular school term.

  • Honors English 12
    • Wilde, Oscar.  The Picture of Dorian Gray
    • Sandel, Michael.   Justice:  What’s the Right Thing to Do?
  • Honors English 11
    • Hawthorne, Nathaniel.  The Scarlet Letter
    • McBride, James.  The Color of Water
  • Honors English 10
    • Achebe, Chinua.  Things Fall Apart
    • Krakauer, Jon.  Into the Wild
  • Honors English 9
    • Golding, William.  Lord of the Flies
    • Krakauer, Jon.  Into Thin Air

Revised 6/12/18