Activity Guide

Director of Student Activities:  Lesley Sarver


Name of Club CPS Sponsor(s)
1.        Anime Club Wilson
2.        Astronomy Club Doss
3.       Aquarium Club Romash, Zydlewski
4.        Art Club Burkhart, Early
5.        Best Buddies Huggins-Snyder, Loutzenhiser, McCloud
6.        Bible Club Austin, Corday, Panchana
7.        Bowling Club Emery
8.       Ceramics Club McCraw, Middleton
9.        Chess Club McKim, Summerlin
10.      Environmental and Earth Day Club Coninx, Miller
11.      Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Kraft, McCloud, Pearman
12.      First Robotics Douglas, Dyer, Slater, Tynch
13.      Future Business Leaders of America Felts, Mathews, Robb-Holmes
14.      Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Collier, Gavin, Nahan
15.      International Club Brooks, Moore, A., Whitehurst, Yates
16.      Magnus Fraternus Hi-Y Kline, Romash, Tynch
17.      Model United Nations Lucente
18.      Operation Smile Priest
19.      Photography Emery, Wagner
20.     Hickory PINK Maudlin
21.     Red Cross Bort
22.     Relay for Life Cypert, Davis,  Martin
23.     Sapphira Pearl Hi-Y Freeman, Taylor
24.     Student to Student Jackson-Jones, Markin, Stukes
25.     Table Tennis McCloud
26.     Table-Top Games Been, dePaulo, Wilson, Zydlewski
27.     Technology Student Association Slater, Tynch
28.     Young Conservatives O’Daniel
29.     Young Democrats Nahan, Whitehurst
Co-curricular Activity  CPS Sponsor(s)
30.     DECA Corra
31.     Economics Club Jones
32.     Family, Career, and Community Leaders of  America (FCCLA)  Laumann, Steadman
33.      Teachers for Tomorrow Dalton
34.      Yearbook Styron
Name of Honor Society CPS Sponsor(s)
35.     French Honor Society Whitehurst
36.     German Honor Society Moore, A.
37.     National English Honor Society Ellis
38.     National Honor Society (NHS) Dalton, Laumann
39.     National Science Honor Society Maudlin, Taylor, Watkins
40.     International Thespian Society Troupe 5688 (ITS) Wood, Batchelor
41.     Mu Alpha Theta McKim, Fine, Monaghan
42.     Spanish National Honor Society Bort,  Pinello
43.     Tri-M Music Honor Society Cowell, Daye, Reed
Other Organizations CPS Sponsor(s)
44.     Student  Ambassadors Branch, Finlay
45.     Student Council Association Sarver, L.
Class Office CPS Sponsor(s)
46.     Freshman Class Trinkle, Grooms
47.     Sophomore Class Evans, Habit, Je.
48.     Junior Class Jones, Mathews
49.     Senior Class Mooring, Williams
Events CPS Coordinator
50.    Miss & Mr. Hickory Finlay, Powers
51.     Drive Smart Initiative Wheeler
VHSL Coach
52.       Literary Magazine Naperala
53.      Debate Team Lesley
54.       Forensics Williams
55.      Scholastic Bowl Branch, Kline, Naperala

Revised 9/8/21