Applying to College? We can help

Here are some recommendations for navigating the college application process:

  • A month or more before your applications are due, complete a Transcript Request Online at
  • Draft a resume and give it to the teachers as well as your counselor for letters of recommendation.
  • Some colleges require that you request to have your test scores (SAT, ACT or AP) sent directly from the testing board even though they are printed on your transcript. Please visit either or to request test scores be sent to the universities of your choice.
  • Work on your online application and essays, if they are required or recommended.  Watch your deadlines and plan to have them completed well in advance.

Take a deep breath! It is not as complicated as it may sound.  Here are just a few more things to consider:

  • The ASVAB is free and available for Juniors and Seniors.  You do not need to be going into the military to benefit from this assessment of your abilities as well as your interests. (It is a helpful resource for finding or confirming what careers that may be a good match for you.  Other information such as the level of education required for each career is included.)  See Markin for more information about the ASVAB and other career inventories.
  • All scholarships can be found at

Remember we are here to help; you just need to ask.  Best wishes for the greatest school year ever!


Revised 09/12/19