Last Call for Kinsa Thermometers!

kinsatext fluency to 900900 for free kinsa thermometer

This year, our school is partnering with Kinsa’s FLUency School Health Program to stop the spread of illness. You can sign up to get a FREE smart thermometer now by texting the word FLUENCY to the number 900900. Check your inbox for a confirmation email afterward to make sure your order went through. We hope you participate to keep our school healthy this year!

(There are only two weeks left to order for this school year)

Early Dismissal Days for Elementary

In order to provide additional instructional planning time for our teachers, seven early released days have been added to the school calendar. This will apply to both Option 1 and 2 students. Dismissal will be two hours earlier on these days. Please visit the CPS Website post on calendar changes for more information. The early dismissal dates are listed below.

February 24

March 24

April 28

May 12

Option 1- On-Campus Continuum Update!

Families who selected option 1, the On-Campus Continuum, should review all of the information outlined in the slide deck below. This information includes checklists families should complete now and other important health and safety protocols families should incorporate into their daily school routine.

Haga clic aquí para ver una versión en español.

Transportation Information

If your student will not ride a school bus to school, please adhere to this student drop off/pick up plan:

Georgetown Primary School will offer two different types of arrival and dismissal procedures on a daily basis. Chesapeake Public Schools offers free bus transportation for all students who are currently enrolled at Georgetown Primary. If you DO NOT wish to take advantage of this service, you may choose to transport your child to and from school through Kiss & Ride. Please contact your child’s teacher if you wish to utilize the Kiss & Ride service. 


Parents who will be dropping off/picking up their child(ren) each day, are asked to utilize the Kiss & Ride procedures. Vehicles will enter through the back parking lot entrance. Parents will circle around to the Kiss & Ride zone where a staff member will open and close your car door to allow your child(ren) to exit the vehicle. GTP staff will then direct your child into the building. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all children coming through Kiss & Ride must wear a face mask, covering their nose and mouth, prior to exiting their vehicle. Unfortunately, GTP staff will not be able to physically assist your child with getting in and out of the vehicle. Parents must provide physical assistance to children when exiting or entering their vehicle, if assistance is needed.